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30th November 2023   |   Novotel London West

More Wealth Firms and Private Banks attend Wealth Management Transformation Summit per head than any other event in Europe!

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“It was great! It was good to get different diverse opinions from people working in different parts of the Wealth Management industry and I much prefer a panel discussion to the kind of a set piece. I think it gives you the platform to have a good discussion as opposed to just talking at people.

Great to be out and about and to meet new people from different parts of the industry. It’s been a while since I’ve been to conferences, so a good reminder of what value you can get from these types of events.”

Paul Titterton, Managing Director - Digital Solutions, abrdn

“I think the event was great. I liked the focus of the summit which was on technology developments in the wealth management space and democratisation of wealth management in general, which I think are the hottest topics in that space today.”

Salim Mansoor, Global Head of Investment Compliance, Alternatives, Allianz Global Investors

Standard Chartered

“The event is great, really diverse collection of speakers, really informed conversations, the panels and some of the keynotes.

I think also the sponsors are quite unique. There’s a split between software as a service and unique propositions. Now I’ve gone around and spoken to quite a few individuals and companies and got follow up meetings and plans.

And I think that really helps because the whole purpose of these events is not only to hear from industry peers but also to know what services are out there and have a one to one conversation afterwards. That helps me in terms of my role of leading transformation to understand new solutions to new problems and segments."

Wasim Mushtaq, Transformation Lead, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered

And our Partners

“It’s great, I love the thought exchange we’re having here and we’re really tackling specific topics - What the future of transformation in wealth is going to look like. And you have a lot of tech here and you obviously have the banking here but we’re all going towards the same goal on how to create a better customer experience and how to transform the role wealth management companies are going to play in the future.

Job really well done so far, we’re enjoying it. It’s a great conglomerate of wealth firms, tech and service providers. We’ll definitely come back.”

Sarah Uhlfelder, VP Partner Sales EMEA, Nortonlifelock

“It’s a great event and I’m really glad to be here. Being on stage was great, good conversations to be had and good challenges to discuss.

The organisation’s been excellent here and putting on events after all this break it’s been quite difficult, but here actually they’ve nailed it.”

Dominic Stewart, Senior Director, Cloud Engineering, Oracle UK

“I think it’s been great fun. It’s been a very energetic, very engaging event

We’ve had some brilliant speakers who shared their ideas across the wealth management industry on a number of different teams and topics and being able to exchange those thoughts live, in person, just leads to so many interesting and spontaneous conversations which you can never do on a Zoom call.

And the best part that I am looking forward to is how these serendipitous conversations are going to progress in the future and potentially lead to market changing events.

Aditi Subbarao, Financial Services Industry Lead, Instabase

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