Your Journey to Digital Transformation in Wealth Management

0920 - 0940

Organisers Welcome and Chairs Overview

Michael Hunwick, Investment & Wealth Management Senior Manager, Deloitte

0940 - 1020

1. Transformation Theatre

2030 Wealth Management: What Does the Future Look Like?

  • What do today’s customers expect and how are those expectations changing?
  • How will competition between new digital-first firms and established incumbents develop?
  • What impact is the new generation of investors having on the wealth and asset management landscape?
  • Full automation vs personable relationship driven approaches: What should we expect by 2030?
  • What are the key trends and predictions for wealth and asset management over the next 5-10 years?

Marc Kahn, Chief Strategy Officer, Investec

Duncan Jamieson, Chief Operating Officer, UK. Managing Director Senior Adviser, Julius Baer

Max Clarke, Chief Transformation Officer, Schroders Personal Wealth

Marie Dzanis, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Trust Global Investments

Roopalee Dave, Partner - Wealth and Asset Management, EY

1020 - 1040

1. Transformation Theatre

Applications of Causal AI in Wealth Management

Laurent Louvrier, General Manager, causaLens

1040 - 1100

1. Transformation Theatre

Building a Cohesive Digital Platform for Wealth Management

Anil Venuturupalli, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Digital Transformation, HSBC Global Private Bank and Wealth

1100 - 1130

Networking Break

1130 - 1210

1. Transformation Theatre

Transformation for Traditional Wealth Management Firms and Banks

  • Is a digital approach to wealth management now the only option?
  • What does the digital transformation journey look like for established WM firms?
  • What’s driving the change? Emerging technology or customer needs?
  • What impact is the use of AI having across wealth management?
  • How can we accelerate innovation in the wealth management industry?

Nick Johnson, Investing Journey Lead – Wealth Businesses, NatWest Group

Wasim Mushtaq, Transformation Lead, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

Paul Titterton, Managing Director - Digital Solutions, abrdn

Laurent Louvrier, General Manager, causaLens

Jayne Brown, Lead Consultant, Simplify Consulting

2. Innovation Theatre

The Impact of AI and Automation on Wealth and Asset Management

  • Use-cases: What tangible impact is AI having on the wealth and asset management space?
  • The rise of robo-advisors: What are the real pros and cons?
  • How can advanced data analytics supercharge wealth management with smarter insights?
  • A hybrid model: Does increasing automation mean the end of human interaction in wealth management?
  • Is there an over-confidence in the adoption of AI-driven financial advice?

Nina Manning, Head of Digital Delivery, Killik & Co

Simon Mooney, Wealth Management Principal, Endava

Salim Mansoor, Global Head of Investment Compliance - Alternatives, Allianz Global Investors

Gareth Johnson, Head of Digital Channels, RBC Brewin Dolphin

Olivia Minnock, Editor, FinTech Alliance

1215 - 1235

1. Transformation Theatre

Operationalising Compliance for Wealth: Enabling Client Advisors to Take the Next Right Action

Craig Butterworth, Chief Commercial Officer, Droit Tech

2. Innovation Theatre

From Clients to Content: Securing the Digital Journey

Omar Davison, Solutions Engineer, Box

1240 - 1300

1. Transformation Theatre

The Great Wealth Transfer: Managing the Client Transition and Engaging the Next Generation

Maria Villax, Head of Family Governance and Solutions, Bedrock Group

2. Innovation Theatre

Creating a Customer-Centric Journey and Transforming Wealth Management

Kirsty Watson, Chief Operating Officer, Adviser, abrdn

1300 - 1400


1400 - 1440

1. Transformation Theatre

Customer Experience and Hyper-Personalisation

  • How have the needs of clients evolved in recent years?
  • Is a new approach to customer segmentation needed?
  • Should WM firms look to emulate customer experience provided by Amazon, Netflix and Spotify?
  • Is real personalisation at scale now a genuine option?
  • How can a seamless digital experience be achieved and how far off are we?

Phil Patient, Group Chief Operating Officer, HFMC Wealth

Chris Loake, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, C. Hoare & Co.

Russell Prince-Wright, Director, Dreams Technology

Charlotte Morgan, Head of Client Experience, Aviva Investors

Anna Sofat, Voice of Women’s Wealth, Financial Planner, and Founder of Addidi

2. Innovation Theatre

ESG or ‘Green Investing’: Reshaping Wealth Management

  • Why is the popularity of sustainability and ESG investments increasing and is it a long term-trend?
  • Should sustainability considerations be an integral part of WM firms’ underlying strategy?
  • What are the regulatory challenges surrounding sustainable investing?
  • Is the goal of net-zero carbon emissions across portfolios by 2050 an achievable aim?
  • How can data, AI and other technologies be utilised to upgrade ESG capabilities?

Nikhil Chouguley, Chief Operating Officer - Sustainable Investing, Citi Global Wealth

Garth Emrich, Delivery Lead, Change & Transformation, Rathbone Brothers Plc

Maria Costa, Sustainability and Innovation - Wealth Management and Insurance, Santander UK

Sam Tripuraneni, Head of Sustainable Outcomes, Aviva Investors

Jamie Forrester, Director, Asset & Wealth Management Consulting, Alpha FMC

1445 - 1505

1. Transformation Theatre

Intelligent Automation and the Value of Data: How Wealth Managers are Transforming Their Business with Deep Learning

Aditi Subbarao, Financial Services Industry Lead, Instabase

2. Innovation Theatre

Driving Private Banking into the Age of Digital Platforms

Graham Gibson, Chief Claims Officer, Allianz UK

1510 - 1530

1. Transformation Theatre

The Future of Data in Wealth Management: How St. James's Place are Utilising AI to Maximise Data Value

James Frew, Divisional Director, Operational Strategy - Business Development and Advice, St. James's Place

2. Innovation Theatre

Megatrends: Reacting to the Changing Face of Global Economies and Building Resilience

James Frew, Divisional Director, Operational Strategy - Business Development and Advice, St. James's Place

1535 - 1615

1. Transformation Theatre

Exploring the Democratisation of Wealth and Investing

  • The global investor base is becoming more diverse – how is the market reacting?
  • How has the rapid growth of retail investors changed the landscape?
  • Will the worlds of crypto, DeFi and digital assets reshape wealth management?
  • Can banks win the next generation of retail investors?
  • The future of money: What do assets and wealth actually look like and how is that changing?

Shanti Kelemen, Chief Investment Officer, M&G Wealth

Brian Byrnes, Head of Personal Finance, MoneyBox

Sam Manchanda, Head of UK Clients & Head of Passive Coverage for North EMEA, DWS Group

Reginald Warlop, Partner - Wealth & Digital Assets, Reply

Happy Hour complimentary networking drinks served in the exhibition area